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Farber Corporate Division

As business gets more complex, companies and their lenders and advisors need customized financial solutions and service that exceeds their expectations. That’s what Farber Financial Group delivers.

Responsive. Practical. Results.

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The Genius of Expense Reduction Analysis

Aug 2017 - Felix Gelt discusses the importance of controlling expenses and how you can convert savings into growth. Read More »


Inspiring Sustained Behavioural Change

Aug 2017 - Barry Pokroy says that leaders must acknowledge, engage and manage employees’ emotions for corporate change to be successful. Read More »


New Minimum Wage Could Give Your Margin Financing the Squeeze

July 2017 - Karen Kimel discusses the effects of the increased minimum wage in Ontario and how it could affect certain businesses. Read More »

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… that financial solutions need to be customized to your needs—whether you’re a legal professional, lender, business executive or advisor. Our people have the experience, resourcefulness and talent to help.

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