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Felix M. Gelt Joins Farber to Lead Expense Reduction Analysis Team

Posted by Briar Lizmore on Mon, Dec 05, 2016 @ 04:11 PM

Management consultant and procurement expert Felix M. Gelt joins Farber Financial Group in the Performance ImprovementFelixGelt_334x390_Final.jpg practice.

He will lead the new Expense Reduction Analysis (ERA) team focused on helping executives and boards drive procurement savings through improved purchasing decisions and processes for indirect expenses.

“Felix is an outstanding fit for Boards of Directors, the C-suite, and purchasing leaders along with private equity, lending and professional service firms, who have clients or portfolio companies that would benefit from cost reductions,” said Ian Brenner, an experienced CFO and the Partner in charge of Farber’s Performance Improvement practice. 

Over his career, Felix’s clients received an average of a 3 to 1 return on investment on engagements where his diagnostics have uncovered underutilization, overspending, and wasted resources. Felix has successfully negotiated 10-20% savings for clients on their telecommunications, merchant fees, insurance, and freight expenses.

“Felix has advised companies around the world as a sourcing and procurement expert, primarily in manufacturing and distribution,” said Adam Silver, leader of the Performance Improvement practice. “He is a driven, results-focused advisor who excels at executing operational due diligence, evaluating M&A synergies, customizing financial solutions, building complex models, managing supplier relationships, analyzing cost reduction opportunities, and driving negotiations on his clients’ behalf.”

Felix has more than 16 years of management consulting experience. He has worked with private and public sector clients across North America, Central America, South America, and Europe.

Previously, Felix ran a boutique advisory practice, served in a senior management role as a Finance Director with The Topps Company, and has worked with Grant Thornton and Arthur Andersen.

The Performance Improvement practice helps executives and boards overcome operational, financial, and strategic challenges using proven management consulting processes to uncover potential and unleash performance.

Felix can be reached in Toronto at fgelt@farberfinancial.com or 647.796.6004

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