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Succession Planning as Part of the Wealth Management Strategy - Blair Roblin & Nathan Treitel

Posted by Briar Lizmore on Tue, Nov 18, 2014 @ 09:06 AM

Blair Roblin, LLB, MBA, CBV, CF, Managing Director, Corporate Finance, Transactions & Valuations

Nathan Treitel, MBA, CBV, Vice President, Corporate Finance, Transactions & Valuations

What All Wealth Managers Should Know About Their Client’s Family Business 

Much has been said about the expected significant increase in retirement over the next number of years as the baby boomer generation exits the workforce. Studies indicate that prospective retirees have invested little time in succession planning, which involves the sale or transition of a business to family, employees or third parties. This represents a significant oversight, given that ownership in a privately held business often accounts for the largest portion of wealth in one’s estate.

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