When navigating complexities of a transaction, you need more than a defensible valuation. You also need to understand the analysis underpinning the calculation.

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Transactional success hinges on properly calculating business value.

Too often, businesses inaccurately estimate the value of their companies. While this can be frustrating in the normal course of business, it can be devastating when facing potentially life-altering situations, such as:
  • Business sales, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Capital market transactions, including those that require a fairness opinion
  • Corporate restructuring or reorganizations
  • Financial structuring and restructuring, including negotiations with lenders and investors
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Shareholder disputes
To ascertain fair value when buying or selling a business, developing business and financial plans, setting strategy or seeking funding, you need access to specialized knowledge, in-depth business insight and years of experience.

That means you get the confidence you need to quantify the value of a business and understand how it is calculated—before engaging in a major transaction.

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