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Circle & Square's proprietary methodology is employed during training, executive coaching and post-implementation consulting for lasting and sustainable change.

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Using clinical psychology to accelerate business performance

The practice uses seminar and board room training, executive coaching, and post implementation consulting to help companies make lasting and sustainable changes in the performance of people and the business itself.

Clinical psychology integrates science, theory, and practice to understand and manage human conditions. Further, it promotes well-being, personal growth, and a sense of connection and belonging reducing issues around:

People Performance

  • Leadership challenges
  • Team effectiveness
  • Employee engagement
  • Communication barriers
  • Dispute resolution
  • Teams and employee detachment
  • Negativity and difficult personalities

Business Performance

  • Customer service problems
  • Lagging sales
  • Productivity challenges
  • Declines in profitability
  • Managing change and transition
  • Culture shifts
  • Attrition
Speak to Barry Pokroy, MA Clinical Psychology of our Emotional Intelligence practice and Circle & Square at 416.496.3079 or