We check for billing errors, contract compliance, and we negotiate best-in-class pricing. At a minimum, we only need one month of bills and access to your contracts. And we do the work off-site without distracting your team.

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Overhead & Indirect Cost Reduction »

Reducing expenses through better procurement

Overhead expense reduction lowers operating costs and increases cash flow and profitability.

Farber assists companies in reducing their overhead costs and increasing their profits. We focus on operating costs in non-core expense areas, not the strategic suppliers with whom you have long-term relationships, but all the other categories such as:

  • Telephone & Internet
  • Office supplies & waste removal
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Insurance or merchant fees
  • Professional service fees & travel expenditures

Why work with Farber?

  • We see average savings between 10-20%;
  • No up-front fees…we get paid only when you see real savings;
  • Confidentiality assured from business and financial advisors with a three decade track record;
  • No risk…if we cannot find a recommendation to save you money, we both walk away.
Contact Felix M. Gelt who leads the Expense Reduction Analysis team in the Performance Improvement practice at 647.796.6004 or fgelt@farberfinancial.com