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Today’s business leaders seek customized financial solutions and guidance for implementing them. Our team develops shared-incentive models to deliver expense reduction benefits.

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Performance Improvement & Expense Reduction Analysis »

Expense Reduction Analysis

Farber Launches Expense Reduction Analysis

Overhead expense reduction lowers operating costs and increases cash flow and profitability. »

Felix M. Gelt

Felix's Full Biography

Felix has spent 16 years in management consulting, focused at data-driven approaches to problem solving, procurement savings, operational improvement and growth strategies. »

Performance Improvement

Performance into Sustainable Growth

Resolving financial, operational and strategic issues takes business acumen and an obsession with results. »

About Felix »

Felix M. Gelt is a Principal in the Performance Improvement practice, leading the Expense Reduction Analysis (ERA) team at Farber Financial Group. ERA assists clients to improve cash flow and their bottom line through the application of proven procurement practices.

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