Jonathan was the first Canadian to attain the anti-fraud CSAR (Certified Specialist in Asset Recover) designation.

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Fraud, Forensic & Asset Recovery, and Litigation Support »

First Canadian to Attain Prominent Anti Fraud Designation CSAR

What is a Certified Specialist in Asset Recovery?

They are champions who try to make victims whole and take back money from those who hold it improperly. »

Farbers Fraud Expert on IAAR Panel in Las Vegas

Jon Speaks on Recovering Assets Worldwide

Jon Presents to International Association of Asset Recovery (IAAR) on the special powers of Trustees and Receivers. »

Canadian Lawyer Magazine The Perils of Ponzis

The Perils of Ponzi Schemes

Jon was the only Trustee quoted in Canadian Lawyer Magazine in "Legal Report: Forensics & Criminal Law: The Perils of Ponzis." »

About Jon »

Jonathan’s practice focuses on responsive fraud investigations, forensic accounting, and asset recovery. He is an expert at resolving complex fraud schemes, and at uncovering and recovering assets for victims of fraud around the world.

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