Tax Solutions Canada assists businesses and individuals who require customized solutions for their CRA tax problems. Our strength lies in our team of ex-CRA professionals, lawyers and accountants who provide personalized, cost effective solutions.

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Resolving difficult CRA tax problems.

Canada Revenue Agency problems for business and individual taxpayers include excessive interest and penalties, audits and collection action. The Tax Solutions Canada team comprises ex-CRA veterans who use their inside knowledge to the advantage of the taxpayer.

Our deep understanding of CRA processes and procedures, together with our unique rapport with the CRA, gives clients the best chance of success. With over 65 years of collective CRA experience, we are well positioned to deal with your tax issues. Lawyers and accountants are using our tax resolution service on behalf of their clients as a valuable extra business service provided under their banner.

We provide expertise in tax areas such as:
  • Collections Negotiation
  • Voluntary Disclosure
  • Taxpayer Relief
  • Notices of Objection
  • Audit Support
Tax Solutions Canada resolves CRA tax issues. We do not perform tax planning or compliance work so we welcome accounting and tax preparation businesses and referrals as part of our diverse client base.

Contact James Bell, who leads the Tax Solutions team, at 416.496.3674 or visit us at