When companies implement effective turnaround plans, there’s an incredible sense of empowerment—one that lets them move forward with greater confidence.

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Enhancing the value of businesses under stress.

Businesses struggling with operational and financial issues often risk losing stakeholder trust as their value erodes.

Farber has a network of seasoned turnaround, restructuring and crisis management professionals that can help. Acting as advisors, we can work with management to develop and implement a turnaround or restructuring plan, court-supervised or otherwise.

We can also parachute in an elite group of turnaround experts to act as interim managers or Chief Restructuring Officers (CROs), positioning businesses to:
  • Navigate through the most challenging financial crises
  • Quickly stabilize financial operations and mobilize resources for recovery
  • Enhance enterprise value by addressing their cash flow needs
  • Assess their current management, administrative and financial capabilities
  • Restore leadership and stakeholder trust
By acting decisively to mitigate financial challenges, businesses can do more than salvage stakeholder relationships. They can also build a solid footing for long-term recovery and growth.
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